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July 06, 2023
Shanghai Sunny Elevator Co., Ltd, founded in 1992, has a history of more than 31 years, mainly engaging in elevator component, complete elevator and escalator, has exported to 80 countries.

Full experience and high-quality service gains the satisfaction of customers all of the world, making us one of the most important intermational exporters in elevator field.

We offer 3 year quality guarantee for all products. Our main products are: Elevator Buttons, Elevator Light Curtain, Photoelectric Switch, Elevator Display, COP & LOP, Traction Machine, Door Mechanism. And we provide best prices on: Guide Rail, Guide Shoe, Counterweight Filler, Rope fastening, Wire Rope, Safety Gear, Speed Governor, Oil Buffer, Maintenance box, Emergency leveling device, Elevator Intercom, Limit Switch, Fans and other parts for elevator.